Renuvion, also known as J-plasma, is a relatively new and well-tested technology that utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy and helium plasma to achieve tissue contraction underneath the skin.  At CA Aesthetics in Los Gatos, California, plastic surgeon Eric Li, MD, specializes in using Renuvion for his facial, breast, and body surgeries to help patients achieve skin tightening.  Call the office today to schedule a consultation to discuss ways in which Renuvion can help you.



Renuvion Q and A

What does Renuvion do?

For patients with loose skin involving their face, breasts, and body, Renuvion can be used to help achieve skin tightening by heating the tissues underneath the skin.  Renuvion is very quick and selective in the way it heats tissues, therefore making it a very effective, efficient, and safe treatment.

How does Dr. Li use Renuvion?

As Dr. Li is an expert in aesthetic facial, breast, and body surgeries, he can use Renuvion in all types of situations to help patients achieve better surgical results.  Dr. Li has treated patients with Renuvion as a standalone treatment and as part other surgeries including neck liposuction, body liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, gynecomastia correction surgery, and breast lift (mastopexy).  Anywhere there is loose skin, Renuvion can help.

What should patients expect during a Renuvion procedure?

Renuvion is a surgical treatment.  The procedure can be performed under local anesthetic or general anesthetic based on the preference of the patient, but regardless, it will be pain free and comfortable.  During treatment, a tiny wand is inserted through small incisions in the skin to deliver energy to target areas.  A zapping sound is heard as the wand moves through the tissues.  

How long does it take for treatment effects to show?

Usually, there is immediate contraction of the skin after treatment which is noticeable.  However, results continue to improve over the course of 6-9 months, as the heat triggers the body to produce more collagen.


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