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Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries available and can improve the balance between your hips and chest. At CA Aesthetics in Los Gatos and San Jose, California, plastic surgeon Eric Li, MD, specializes in breast augmentation using smooth silicone gel implants, fat transfer, or both. To schedule your consultation for breast augmentation and discuss implant options in more detail, call CA Aesthetics today.

Breast Augmentation Q & A

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery to expand or enhance your breasts by adding implants with a natural look and feel, or transferring fat from areas like your abdomen, back, flank, or thighs. If your breasts lack fullness, size, or lift, a breast augmentation can give them a more appealing shape or size. 

During your initial consultation at CA Aesthetics, Dr. Li examines your breasts and tailors abreast augmentation surgery that is unique to your goals. He might recommend a breast lift with your breast augmentation to remove excess skin or add volume to the upper pole.  He will also go over options for implant size and shape and different tissue supporting materials (e.g. internal bra) if recommended.

At the time of your breast augmentation surgery, you will be asleep and unable to feel pain under general anesthesia. Dr. Li makes the incisions strategically either near the armpit, under the breasts, or around the areolas, so any scarring is difficult to see or easy to hide after you heal. He then inserts the implants using a Keller funnel and minimal touch technique before closing the incisions.

Dr. Li might also recommend liposuction to remove fat in the armpit area, which further accentuates your augmented breasts. 

What are my options for breast augmentation implants?

Dr. Li discusses your breast implant options in detail, so you can confidently make the right choice. He typically prefers smooth silicone gel implants over saline implants because of their lighter weight and feel that are more similar to natural breast tissue. They also have a lesser risk of rippling. 

Dr. Li also tends to recommend round gel implants, which take on a natural teardrop shape anyways when they are inside you, over teardrop anatomic implants. Anatomic implants have texturing on their surfaces and have a risk of rotating or flipping, which can make your breasts take on an abnormal shape.  The texturing on anatomic implants has also been associated with chronic inflammation.

For silicone gel implants, Dr. Li offers high-quality products by Allergan┬«, Mentor┬«, and Sientra┬«. He helps you compare the products and make the best choice for you during your consultation. 

How long do implants last after a breast augmentation?

Unlike your natural breast tissue, breast implants are not an original part of your body and eventually, you will need to replace them. Generally, you can expect to have another procedure in 10-15 years to revise your breasts and replace the implants. 

You can book regular yearly appointments with Dr. Li after your breast augmentation surgery, so he can evaluate your implants for issues that might indicate a need for replacement. 

To learn more about breast augmentation and all of the choices involved in the process, schedule a consultation at CA Aesthetics with a quick phone call today.

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