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With fillers, you can make striking changes to your face or body contours and return to normal activities within hours of treatment. Injectable fillers are a specialty of plastic surgeon Eric Li, MD, at CA Aesthetics in Los Gatos and San Jose, California. He crafts an individualized treatment plan for you using high-quality fillers and explains his careful techniques in detail. Book your consultation for fillers today by calling CA Aesthetics.

Fillers Q & A

What are fillers?

Fillers are products that augment or add volume to your soft tissues. They are injected, and trained professionals like Dr. Li can ensure you get a result mimicking a natural boost in tissue volume. He offers topical anesthesia to give you a comfortable injection experience. 

Hyaluronic acid is the most common ingredient in fillers and has an easy-to-inject gel consistency. When placed underneath your skin, this product soaks up water molecules in the treatment area to provide extra volume. Hyaluronic acid already exists naturally throughout your body, so there is no need to question the safety of introducing it in your face or body. Another filler that Dr. Li likes using is Sculptra®, which is a semi-permanent filler made of Poly-L-lactic acid, a material that is also found in absorbable sutures used during surgery. Sculptra works by stimulating the body to produce collagen around the Sculptra particles, which persist even after the Sculptra particles eventually get dissolved by your face or body.

At CA Aesthetics, Dr. Li offers a range of fillers that differ in their consistencies, ingredients, and duration of effect. He chooses fillers for your treatment based on your targeted concerns as different fillers serve different purposes more effectively than others. During your consultation, Dr. Li talks to you about his injection techniques and tailors an individualized treatment plan for you.

What can I do with fillers?

Fillers serve many different purposes in nonsurgical cosmetic medicine. For many patients, fillers can help reverse age-related soft tissue loss without the downtime associated with surgery, and other times fillers can work alongside surgery to enhance your results. Dr. Li uses fillers for:

Facial contouring

Fillers can add volume to your face to minimize large wrinkles and folds or add volume to your cheeks or temples, which sink and shrink over time as you age. 

Lip augmentation

Using dermal fillers, Dr. Li can make your lips larger, fuller, or have more definition to create a more appealing shape. Dr. Li uses different products like Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus as well as Restylane Kysse and Defyne to best serve your specific aesthetic goals.

Liquid rhinoplasty

A liquid rhinoplasty can alter the shape of your nose, particularly the height and bridge of your nose, and also camouflage any contour irregularities. Dr. Li carefully injects fillers to correct contour abnormalities. 

Liquid Brazilian butt lift / Sculptra buttock augmentation

If you are not a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift surgery with fat grafting, a liquid Brazilian butt lift with Sculptra can augment your buttocks without any downtime and risks. 

How long do filler results last?

The duration that fillers last for vary based on the type of filler injected and the location where the fillers are placed. In general, most fillers are formulated to last for 6-12 months. Most fillers are dissolved by your tissues over time, so results are not permanent.  

If you are satisfied after your initial treatment with fillers, Dr. Li can give you the same injections regularly, so you can continuously enjoy their effects. You can also consider other treatments at CA Aesthetics, including more permanent cosmetic surgeries. 

Am I a good candidate for dermal fillers?

Since fillers are nonsurgical, your likelihood of being a candidate is high. However, you need to visit Dr. Li for a consultation to make sure. You may be a good candidate for fillers at CA Aesthetics if you:

  • Are generally healthy
  • Are over 18
  • Don’t smoke
  • Take great care of your skin
  • Have realistic goals

Individuals with deep or severe wrinkles might not see a major difference with facial fillers, and cosmetic surgery may be the more preferable option.

If you’d like to speak with Dr. Li about nonsurgical fillers, call CA Aesthetics to set up an appointment today.